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Working Principle

Air Source heat pumps use refrigerant inside the equipment to collect heat from the air or environment, and then compresses the refrigerant via the compressor, heat is generated to the water through the heat exchanger. As this is occurring, cold air expelled at the same time.

When heating, the higher the ambient air temperature is, the more free energy can be utilized in the heat pump thus resulting in higher efficiency and performance.

The great benefit of this type of technology is the low running cost and environmentally friendly design.

The ratio of the output energy and input energy of air source heat pumps C.O.P. (coefficient of performance) is between 4 – 6 C.O.P, with an average above 5 C.O.P.

As a point of reference, the C.O.P. of a normal electrical heater is no more than 0.95 C.O.P. and that of gas or oil-burning water heater is only 0.6 - 0.8 C.O.P. A Coal burning water heater ranges from 0.3 -0.7 C.O.P.