CUBIC Introduction

CUBIC Electrical Appliance Co., Limited

Cubic Electrical Appliance Co. Limited has been manufacturing high quality air-source swimming pool heat pumps since 2008. We are well known in the industry for our quality products and exceptional customer service. Our new factory is located in Shunde, Canton province, China. Its location was strategically chosen due to the major raw material suppliers being located in this region.

We manufacture a wide range of heat pumps sizes and styles to satisfy the demands of markets in Europe, United States, Middle East, South Africa, and Australia. Our heat pumps have been certificated and approved by CE / RoHS / ETL. Our state of the art R&D department insures that all of our heat pumps meet and exceed all applicable standards. Cubic has also partnered with international brands in the OEM/ODM heat pump business to provide outstanding performance, competitive pricing and superior service.

Cubic continues to develop more advanced swimming pool heat pumps to meet increasing demand and market challenges. At Cubic, we insure that the quality of all of our heat pumps will meet and exceed our customers expectations. This is Cubic commitment to our most valuable asset, our customers!